• Outpace Your Competition

    Outpace Your Competition

    Gain competitive advantage over your competitors using technology that increases collaboration and information sharing through elegance and clarity.

  • Secure Customer Data

    Secure Customer Data

    Store your customers' data with confidence using encrytion, compliance, access control and well designed recovery methods.

  • Control Costs

    Control Costs

    Only use what you need.  Don't overbuy IT.  Clouds come in many shapes and sizes.  So does ours!  We deploy clouds based on your need, not your wallet.

  • No Long Term Contracts

    No Long Term Contracts

    No long term contracts and you still get a price guarantee.  Professional and skilled staff provide excellent customer service.  Need we say more?

Cyber Security

Protection of digital assets and computer systems from theft or damage.  Follow good practices and implement security protocols to mitigate risk.  Vulnerabilities can lead to costly remediation and loss of customer trust.

Private Cloud

Dedicated cloud resources delivered at a fixed cost.  Deliver software and network applications from your personal data center and change how you deliver applications to your customers and employees.

Disaster Recovery

Planning and preparation to ensure that your business continues operation in the case of serious incidents or disasters and have the ability to recover to an operational state in a reasonable amount of time.

Protecting your Business has never been so easy

Wingu Technology radically simplifies business information technology and deploys private, fully managed, customizable clouds for installation on the customer premise.  Delivering compute power and cyber-technology to bring your business into the future and beyond.  Accelerate your adoption to cloud using proven business technologies.  No technical staff, no problem.  We deliver hands-free IT.  Gain confidence in your customer data protection posture.

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We specialize in business technology.

Providing private, on-site cloud services to government offices and small businesses.  Wingu Technology installs and maintains your IT infrastructure including servers, firewalls, cyber security, virtual servers, desktops, VOIP, networking, applications and databases.

Wingu Technology offers new computer technology platforms that augment or completely provide IT support with managed "on-site" private, hybrid-cloud services using industry best practices and proven technology.

Wingu Technology has developed cloud computer systems that are fully managed and secure environments resulting in 33% less hardware utilization and up to a 100% reduction in licensing costs.  Offering competitive priced solutions to address all budget levels.


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