Frequently Asked Questions

What does Wingu stand for?

WINGU pronounced "wee-in-goo" is Swahili for Cloud. So our name is literally, "Cloud" Technology. (Swahili is an African language.)

What service do we provide?

Wingu provides an entire computer system complete with hardware, software and support. Your computer system (also known as data center or personal cloud) will be delivered to your location, monitored and periodicaly refreshed.

What's included with my order?

A lot!  We provide a complete compute infrastructure including hardware, pre-installed software and IT personnel.  All for a simple, set, monthly payment.  When it's time to upgrade the hardware, we upgrade it. You pay nothing extra.  Please view our detailed service comparison and features list.  Pre-installed software is provided as a convenience.  You can choose to have whatever software you prefer installed.  (Licensed software will require appropriate licenses.)

Where does Wingu Technology operate?

Wingu Technology is currently serving the greater Tampa Bay, Florida area with expectations to expand into the lower 48 states on a regionalized basis.  Continue to check this page for updates.