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Managed IT Services

Cloud is a simple and long standing concept.  Simply put, you get to focus on your business while someone else concentrates on all of your technical concerns.  Some do more.  Some do less.  Some super-specific.  But all in all, everyone gets to maintain their lane and perform best at what they do.

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Keep better track of IT expenses

Small business and government contractors deserve to operate at the highest levels of technology in the most economical manner.  Take advantage of technology generally reserved for larger corporations and budgets.

Right-Sized Cloud

Managed Cloud Plans

Simple, easy to understand plans with no complicated pricing structures.

Community Cloud


  • Entry level cloud intended for startups, proprietors and entrepreneurs.  We manage everything so you don’t have to.  Designed for micropreneurs.

Private Cloud


  • A single-tenant, zero-trust enclave of resources reserved for business and government customers to utlize dedicated, virtualized resources.

Sovereign Cloud


  • A single-tenant, zero-trust, physical dedicated system deployed to the customer premise for ultimately privacy and protection of data.

Right-Sized Services

Managed Services

Simple, easy to understand plans with no complicated pricing structures.

Managed User Security & Support

Starting at

$ 59 /month
  • Support, protection and backup included in a single package.

Managed Mobile Security & Support

Starting at

$ 9 /month
  • Security, peace of mind and control to minimize issues.

Managed Business Voice

Starting at

$ 38 /month
  • High definition, HD-quality voice services for your team.

Managed Website Development

Starting at

$ 129 /month
  • Market your company and showcase yourself to the world.

Managed Ecommerce Website Development

Starting at

$ 169 /month
  • Helps you to get found online and drive more traffic to your site.

Managed Email Communication

Starting at

$ 20 /month
  • Deploy end-to-end encryption to secure your communications.

Clients Say


We are happy to share our clients' experiences with you.

About our clients

Our clients are people, who like you, are looking for quality solutions, fair prices and great support.

Sheela Chokshi
Sheela Chokshi Health Care Educator

Very professional with great details and precision. Elegant, artistic with grace and subtlety to the work. Beautiful representation of my ideas into reality.

Nicole Merritt
Nicole Merrit Tax, Accounting & Notary

"Listen....when I tell you it was nothing but God that connected me to this company because literally EVERYTHING needed for my business is offered by Wingu Technology and for an affordable price."

Leon Moody
Leon Moody Real Estate Broker

"We chose Wingu Technology because Calvin makes it simple to understand. He has patience to walk us through different scenarios to make our systems run better."

Berthony Napoleon
Berthony Napoleon Non-Profit Education

"Mr. Calvin Levy took possession of our vision and provided us a system that moved us several steps forward into the future. He is available, patient and always ready to serve to ensure organizational success."

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