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Defense Against Threats

Block Malicious Software

Data Loss Prevention

Security Hole Mitigation

No Staff Required

100% Managed

Employee Support

Cloud Migration

No Experience Required

Powerful Technology

Enterprise Linux

Stable and Reliable

Critical Systems Architecture

Redundant & Highly Available


Subscription Based Services

Up to 40% - 60% Savings

No Long Term Contracts

Buy Only What's Needed

Single Tenant

Private & Dedicated

No Resource Sharing

Custom Installed

Data Under Your Control

Data Recovery

Ransomware Protection

Disaster Recovery

Business Continuity

Corrupt Systems Resuscitation


Installed and Configured

Updates Maintained

Choice of Applications

Clustered Databases

Remote Workforce

Off-site Office

Secure Connections

Off-site Phones

Collaborative Services


Right-Sized Systems


Diverse Technologies

Small & Large Scale

We Know Technology

Business technology is an ever-changing landscape and it's tough to keep up with it at times. We stay abreast of the technology you need today and research new technology for tomorrow so you won't have to. Wingu will deploy a secure and safe computing environment for your organization to increase productivity and safe guard critical assets.

Wingu Technology is a cloud and cybersecurity provider that designs, installs, and manages custom enterprise computer systems to deliver the highest level of service in it's class. We install the necessary infrastructure and technology to successfully run an office. From desktop computers to desktop phones. From server applications to desktop applications. From server rooms to multiple offices. We have you covered.

Wingu Technology Security

Detect and Respond to Malicious Cyber Events

Cybersecurity comes with a cost. In many cases, a BIG cost. How can smaller organizations take better control of protecting their livelihood without agreeing to the following two options? First option, ignore the problem and hope nothing happens. Unfortunately, many companies have taken this route already. For some, it has cost them everything. Second option, go into debt up to your nose by betting the farm on an expensive company's solution.

So, what's the answer? Wingu Technology is the answer. We have developed a platform that balances cost and function. In many professionals' assessment, no one can stop 100% of threats, 100% of the time. Don't spend an exorbitant amount when you can't afford it. Wingu Technology's solutions offers you the best value for business technology to protect your digital assets.

Use our technology to transform your infrastructure. Our solutions helps you detect and respond to malicious cyber threats and events. Best of all benefits, save money, acquire enterprise class technology, no IT staff required.

Wingu Technology Coronavirus COVID-19

Locked Down?

We can help.

Working From Home. Contending With Coronavirus COVID-19.

There are several measures for reducing the spread of the coronavirus. One of key defenses is social distancing. For many work places, this means asking staff to work remotely from home.

Many businesses began scrambling once Safer-At-Home and Stay-At-Home orders have been put in place. Though there is a rapid increase in remote working, there is equally a corresponding need to increase safe computer and Internet hygiene when connecting to work networks from home networks.

There has also been a surge in coronavirus-related phishing attacks and special care should be taken not to mix work devices with leisure devices. Wingu Technology is skilled at configuring safe, remote worker, capable systems. Our business cloud technology with built-in cybersecurity is an ingenious way to safely provide remote, off-site offices to all of your employees.

Establish recommended safety practices to allow your employees to work securely from home. Get help from us now. Contact Wingu Technology.

The CDC (Center for Disease and Control) has a recommended list for "Preparing Workplaces for a COVID-19 Outbreak". Here is a short list of recommendations. For a full briefing, please visit the CDC.

Reduce Transmission Among Employees

Educate employees about how they can reduce the spread of COVID-19

Maintain a healthy work environment