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We promote, design, and deploy Private Cloud Solutions because we recognize the unique advantages and tailored benefits that private clouds bring to organizations, aligning with specific business needs and priorities.


A Private Cloud solution offers a host of benefits that make it a compelling choice for businesses seeking a secure, customizable, and performance-driven IT infrastructure. One of the primary advantages is the enhanced security and compliance features inherent in private clouds. Organizations can tailor security protocols to meet specific regulatory requirements and have full control over data access, reducing the risk of unauthorized breaches.

Why Choose Us

Core Benefits to Choosing Us as Your IT Partner

Using a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Systems Integrator such as Wingu Technology offers several benefits for businesses looking to optimize their IT operations and focus on core business objectives. 


Cost Efficiency

Predictable and manageable technology costs and economies of scale.


Proactive Support

Continuous monitoring of IT systems, networks, and infrastructure.


Specialized Expertise

Benefit from the most current and effective solutions without investing time and resources.


Core Business Focus

Redirect your focus by outsourcing routine IT management tasks.


Security & Compliance

Protect against threats and help ensure adherence to industry regulations.

Our Cloud Workspaces

Empower your business journey with our cutting-edge IT Cloud Solutions tailored to support companies of all sizes, from solo entrepreneurs to expansive enterprises. Our scalable cloud solutions are designed to seamlessly adapt to the unique needs and growth trajectories of small, medium, and large businesses alike. Whether you’re a one-person operation or a thriving enterprise, our cloud services provide a robust foundation for agility, collaboration, and innovation. Experience the flexibility to scale resources as your business evolves, ensuring that your IT infrastructure is always aligned with your ambitions. Elevate your efficiency and embrace the future of business with our comprehensive IT Cloud Solutions – where success knows no size.

Community Cloud
Private Cloud
Sovereign Cloud

Entry level cloud intended for startups, proprietors, entrepreneurs and micropreneurs.  We manage all aspects of your cloud, so you don't have to.


We understand that every small business is unique and requires specialized support. That’s why we’ve developed cloud solutions specifically designed to cater to startups, proprietors, and entrepreneurs. Our entry-level cloud services offer a seamless experience for your business, providing Shared Business Cloud Hosting for Websites, Email, Web Applications, and Secure File Storage—all in one place! Say goodbye to complex technical and expensive setups and hello to convenience with our integrated cloud infrastructure to run your business efficiently. From website hosting to secure file servers, our cloud solutions empower you to focus on growth while we take care of the rest. Experience the power of the cloud like never before and propel your business forward with Wingu Technology!


Community Cloud Features

  • Real-Time, Protected Website Hosting
  • Professionally Managed Email & Web Apps
  • Secure, GDPR Compliant Files Storage
  • Up to 100 GB of Enterprise Disk Storage
  • Up to 100 GB of Internet Bandwidth
  • 100% Complete Direct Support
  • No IT Staffing Required. IT Support Included.
  • Customized Application Portal
  • Recommended: Up to 10 Employees
  • Monthly Subscription. No Large Up-Front Investment.


Distinguish your business with our unique approach to Shared Private Cloud, setting us apart from competitors in two key ways. Firstly, our private cloud truly remains private – exclusive to your organization and not shared with others. Configuration, setup, and support are handled exclusively by our skilled engineers, ensuring a level of security and control that public clouds simply can't match. Secondly, we eliminate the need for you to hire additional engineers. Our expert team manages all engineering aspects, resulting in a safer cloud environment and significant cost savings for your business. Experience the confidence of a genuinely private, expert-managed cloud solution that prioritizes security and efficiency.


Secure your spot in the future of cloud services – we're now accepting pre-orders for our cutting-edge cloud service offering. By pre-ordering, you not only reserve your access to a revolutionary IT solution but also gain a strategic advantage in being among the first to experience the benefits. Don't miss the chance to be at the forefront of innovation – place your pre-order today and be ready to elevate your business to new heights with our exceptional cloud service.

Experience the Ultimate Control and Performance with Our Dedicated On-Premises Private Cloud Solution! Introducing our state-of-the-art Dedicated On-Premises Cloud, the epitome of data sovereignty and personalized performance. Designed to cater exclusively to your organization’s needs, our Dedicated On-Premises Cloud brings the full power of the cloud directly to your own infrastructure.


With our Dedicated On-Premises Cloud, you retain complete control over your data and resources while leveraging the benefits of cloud technology. Say goodbye to shared environments and hello to unparalleled security, compliance, and performance. Your sensitive data stays protected behind robust firewalls and advanced encryption, ensuring maximum data privacy.


Sovereign Cloud Features

  • Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI)
  • High-Availability, Hardware Redundancy
  • SW Defined, Self-Healing, Distributed Storage
  • Cybersecurity Lite Included
  • Single Tenant, Dedicated & Private
  • Scale-Out Capable to Multiple Hypervisor Nodes
  • Supports KVM VMs and Containers
  • Supports Linux and Windows Virtual Machines
  • Automated, AES 256-bit Encrypted Backups
  • Off-Site Replicated Data & Disaster Recovery
  • Self-Encrypted AES 256-bit, Enterprise SSD or HDD
  • Supports Critical Workloads
  • Complete Professional Engineering Support
  • Installed Applications & Databases, Supported
  • Self-Cooled Rack Enclosures
  • Power Conditioning Battery Backup
  • Single and Multi-Node Configuration
  • vCIO Services – Planning, Research & Guidance

Included Applications

Each of our Cloud Workspaces offers a comprehensive suite of included applications, providing a seamless and productive digital environment. These applications cover a range of essential tools, including office productivity applications, collaborative platforms, and communication tools, ensuring that users have everything they need for efficient and collaborative work. Moreover, our customers have the flexibility to enhance their Cloud Workspace by seamlessly adding other applications that might cater to specific business needs. This adaptability empowers users to tailor their workspace with additional tools, ensuring a customized and optimized digital experience. Whether it’s project management software, industry-specific applications, or innovative tools for enhanced efficiency, our Cloud Workspaces accommodates a diverse array of applications to support our customers’ unique requirements, fostering a dynamic and tailored work environment.

Email Services

Email Communications
Webmail Interface
Security Features
Multiple Domain Support
Spam Protection
Integrates Email Clients

File Server

Secure File Cloud
Synchronization & Sharing
Collaborative Editing
Security and Encryption
File Versioning
Sharing Permissions


Bookkeeping Software for SMEs
Double-Entry Accounting
Expense Tracking
Financial Reporting
Tax Management
Banking Integration


Invoicing and Expenses
Quoting and Proposals
Payment Gateways
Time Tracking
Late Payment Reminders


Customer Relationship Management
Contact Management
Opportunity Management
Lead Management
Workflow Automation
Reporting and Analytics


Human Resource Management
Employee Management
Leave Management
Performance Reviews
Time and Attendance

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