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Community Cloud

Entry level cloud intended for startups, proprietors, entrepreneurs and micropreneurs. We manage all aspects of your cloud, so you don't have to.

Public Cloud

Public cloud made private due to limited public access. Completely managed zero trust environment designed for off-premises infrastructure and support.

Sovereign Cloud

Designed to cater exclusively to your organization’s needs, our Dedicated On-Premises Cloud brings the full power of the cloud directly to your own infrastructure.

Empowering Small Businesses with Hassle-Free Cloud Management

Our entry-level cloud services are designed for startups, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. We handle all aspects of your cloud infrastructure, from security and updates to resource optimization. With scalable solutions, streamlined collaboration, and proactive security measures, you can focus on growing your business. Our cost-effective model ensures you only pay for what you use, providing a worry-free, agile, and budget-friendly IT solution for your venture.

Transforming Public Cloud into a Managed, Exclusive, & Secure Haven

Our approach redefines a public cloud into a private enclave with limited access. This transformation, embodying a zero trust philosophy, ensures heightened security and comprehensive management for off-premises infrastructure. We provide tailored support, striking a balance between exclusivity, security, and efficiency. This fully managed zero trust environment offers a secure haven for off-premises operations while retaining the flexibility of public cloud solutions.

Tailored Cloud Empowerment: Unleashing Full Power On-Premises

Our Dedicated On-Premises Cloud is crafted exclusively for your organization's needs, seamlessly integrating cloud capabilities into your existing infrastructure. With unparalleled power and flexibility, this solution ensures a smooth transition, enhanced security, and efficient collaboration. Experience the benefits of the cloud directly within your familiar operational landscape, providing a cost-effective and future-ready innovation for your organization.

Tailored Excellence: Custom Datacenter Design and Implementation

Our Custom Datacenter service goes beyond the conventional, offering a bespoke solution designed to meet your organization's unique needs. From conceptualization to implementation, we craft a datacenter that aligns seamlessly with your operational goals. Experience optimized efficiency, heightened security, and future-ready scalability in a facility tailored to your specifications. Deploy your infrastructure with our Custom Datacenter service for a technologically advanced and precisely tailored solution.

Platforms Contain Workspaces

Understand Our Cloud Platforms

There are three main types of cloud computing deployments: public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud, but our solutions differ just a bit. Most cloud workspaces are designed for you to be your own administrator and engineer. All of our workspaces are inclusive of technicians, the admins and engineers.

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