Our Expertise



Protect and help secure your data from hackers and those content with bringing you harm.  We start with a solid, proven infrastructure and build from there by following recommendations from Federal cybersecurity guidelines to build for your organization a trustworthy cyberspace for you and the youth you'll be supporting.  Security is not a set it and forgot it type of experience.  It requires constant monitoring, scrutiny, support and technological advancements.


Providing access to software and technology that will help you track donations, expenses, employees and volunteers.  Whether a simple Word document or a complex database, we have you covered.  Manage time sheets, background checks, newsletters and more.  Track customers, employees, sales and inventory.

Recoverability and Continuity

There are two distinct styles of data recovery should your organization experience loss;  "disaster recovery" and "business continuity".  Depending on your tolerance for downtime, we construct an appropriate recovery platform.  With our flagship products, disaster recovery is built-in automatically.  It allows us to get you back in business where you left off after a major or minor disaster.  Business continuity speaks to the speed for which we can recover operations.  The difference can be comparative to 3 months vs. 3 hours for recoverability. 


Proactive Support

Getting ahead of the curve instead of being behind the 8-ball makes all the difference in the world when providing great technical support service.  By being proactive, we address most issues before they become a problem.  Instead of waiting for you to report a problem, our goal is to identify issues and fix them "before" they become a problem for you.  We operate on the premise of being proactive vs. reactive.


We work with you to understand your industry and adjust as necessary to fulfill compliance requirements.  Every industry is different and our flexibility allows us to be nimble enough to work hand-in-hand with your team to build a compliant computing environment.

Private Hybrid-Cloud Technology Stack

Wingu Technology delivers the "cloud" to your address.  You will have your own set of personal servers and full ownership of your data.  No more sharing with the world, for things you'd like to keep private.  Each time you Google, or use a free service like DropBox, you're giving away more and more of your work for others to use at their discretion.  We turn the tide by keeping your data close to you.