Medical Practioners

Medical practice costs are constantly rising coupled with additional scrutiny and the pressure of providing a safe environment for patient data is enough to make anyone scratch their head.  Wingu Technology addresses these concerns by providing well engineered computer systems with cybersecurity protection to give you a peace of mind.


Pre-installed and secured EMR/EHR software is included.  Certainly, you can choose your own EMR/EHR provider.



Medical Billing

CMS Reporting

Advanced scheduling allows clinics to create repeating events, automated-workflows triggered by check-in, and patient reminds.

Enter a prescription into an encounter and have it electronically sent to the patient's pharmacy. Integrated billing supporting HIPAA ASC X12 Version 5010 Transaction and Code Set Standards.

Generate CMS Meaningful Use reports with just a few clicks


Lab Integration

Clinical Decision Rules

Advanced Security

Multilingual Support

Have lab orders automatically sent to a lab and integrate the results into a patient's chart automatically

Navigate complex patient algorithms using the clinical decision rules engine to ensure the highest quality of care for patients. HIPAA-friendly, fine-grained access control objects, and industry-standard password hashing helps to protect your practice from intrusion

Available in over 30 languages, and customizable to add more.