Hands free IT.  A unique opportunity resides within the talents of Wingu Technology.  Business technology is available at your finger tips to offer tremendous value to your organization.  Several systems are available for deployment that are suitable for offices as small as one person.  Simply put, we have the best systems designed to provide a full and complete computer system package for small to medium businesses, non-profits and church organizations.  Each system comes preloaded and tailored for your specific environment.

Mitigating cyber attacks is at an all time high.  In 2016 alone, 43% of all cyber attacks were directed at businesses with less than 250 employees.  We find that many businesses are not able to maintain a fully populated IT staff to take up arms against those intent to cause discomfort or harm to your organization and reputation.  Join a family of IT professionals and share the IT resources.  For a fraction of standard costs, your business can have all the hardware it needs, plus access to great software and qualified people to maintain the systems.

Protect your business critical information and provide worry free solutions that delivers increased disaster recovery and business continuity options.   Free system inspections in our service areas.

The most important aspect to any computer system deployment is your data.  Wingu Technology augments or provides full technology support for businesses, non-profits and church organizations to keep data safe and accessible.

With Wingu Technology, you have 100% Financial and Critical Data Ownership.

Get started with better technology!