Secure Cloud-In-A-Box

Intended for businesses that want on-going IT service and support coupled with Cybersecurity with included hardware and software required for business operations. Remote and on-site support from professional technical personnel. A full service, hands-off approach to excellent IT products and services.

Product SOHO Essentials Economy Economy-Pro Professional Business Corporate Custom
Employees 1 - 5 5 - 10 10 - 15 15 - 25 25 - 125 50 - 250 100 - 500 Up to 5000
No Long-Term Contract
Month-to-Month Lease
No Hidden Fees
Pricing As low as $0.55/hr As low as $1.70/hr As low as $2.86/hr As low as $4.01/hr As low as $5.75/hr As low as $10.94/hr As low as $17.29/hr As Required

Pricing based on 2080 annual hours.  Add-on: Desktop Support $25/month per computer.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment (CRA)

CRA Lite is intended for small business owners that manage their own computer systems but would like to know their cyber risk and suggestions to mitigate and fix issues.

CRA Small-Enterprise, Mid-Enterprise, and Enterprise are intended for businesses that have their own IT department but would welcome guidance on cyber and compliance issues. For businesses requiring full, in-depth discovery, reporting, and mitigation.

Product CRA Lite 100 CRA Lite 200 CRA Lite 300 CRA Small-Enterprise CRA Mid-Enterprise CRA Enterprise
Employees 1 - 10 10 - 25 25 - 50 50 - 125 125 - 500 500 - 5000
A Light-Weight Assessment
A Full Risk Assessment
Non-Intrusive to Workflow
Experienced Team
Comprehensive Discovery
Executive Summary
Risk Level Identification
Remediation Guidance
Remediation Deliverables
Compliance Alignment
Pricing $449 $649 $949 Starting at $10,000 Starting at $25,000 Starting at $30,000

Hourly Support

What Hourly Service is good for:    Intended for businesses that need support with technical issues not utilizing our flagship Secure Cloud-In-A-Box. The organization has their own equipment. This service is often referred to as "Time & Materials".

Product Rate
1 - 250 Employees $105/hour
251 - 5000 Employees $165/hour
Project Based Custom Quotes

Ordering a managed "Secure Cloud In-A-Box" comes with four major components: 1) Cyber-Security, 2) Hardware, 3) Access to tons of software, and 4) a Staff of Computer Professionals. A full solution that is custom designed for your company's requirements. Think of it this way, hire a full-time technician that brings all of his own tools, supplies, and support. The national average for a computer professional is $84,166/yr or $40.46/hr. Typically, the larger the organization, the more computer professionals are required. Our full solutions can provide more technology than a DIY install for less than minimum wage in many cases. Pay less, get more.

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