Helping your business compete in an ever growing digital society and world e-commerce.

Wingu is Swahili (Kenyan) for Cloud.  Therefore, Wingu Technology is a play on marketing for "Cloud" Technology.  We are a hybrid cloud, managed services provider specifically designed to support the small business, non-profit and church communities.  It is our pleasure and delight to secure some of the brightest minds to build an affordable, high-level technology offering for the businesses that help sustain our economy!

We look forward to helping your business or organization compete in an ever growing digital society and world e-commerce.

Quick Facts

Wingu Technology LLC
Birth Date
June 16, 2015
Place of Birth
Wesley Chapel, Florida
  • Concept incubation period 2002-2014
  • Research and development 2015-2016
  • First customer system installed Q3 2016

We take pride in the solutions we offer. Many hours of planning, design, implementation and quality assurance has been poured into this project to bring some of the very best technologies to business owners. We are a valued member of your team.

Our Advantage

Most cloud providers do an excellent job providing infrastructure for talented IT teams.  But what if you do not have IT employees on staff to design and implement cloud based computer systems to support your day to day business needs?  That's where we come in.  Its our goal to provide solutions tailored for small in stature but big at heart organizations.

As businesses use more electronics, your competition becomes national and global competitors.  We build solutions so that your business can compete securely and productively to help you gain market share.

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