Who says old dogs don't learn new tricks.  As a long time competitor against Linux, the two technologies are playing well together now.  Microsoft has joined the Linux Foundation and welcomed Google to the .NET community.   Microsoft News Article  This join happed back in 2016 but still note worthy of mentioning again.  Many wonderful things are happening for the consumer by Microsoft and it's adoption of Linux and the Open-Source Communities.  Microsoft's committment has presented two of its well-known products to the open-source world of software.  Visual Studio and SQL are now available in the Linux environment.

Linux runs on more than 50% of Azure machines.  One out of three virtual machines on Microsoft Azure Cloud run Linux.  The operating system for the networking switch at Azure runs on a Linux kernel too.  Additionally, Microsoft has released a Linux based operating system and baked the Linux kernel into a new IoT environment it has developed.  Is Microsoft slowly becoming a Linux vendor?

Why is this important to know?  For many years, Microsoft purists have bashed Linux and Linux purists have bashed Microsoft.  Linux and Open-Source products have become so mature that many offer Enterprise class solutions and support critical systems throughout the world.

Wingu Technology has built it's core systems on the Linux platform as Microsoft now sees the benefits as well.

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