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Fully Managed Data-Centers!

Certainly, cloud solutions are here to stay.  As offerings begin to stabilize, consider a total managed data-center plus cloud solution from Wingu Technology to reduce overall expenditures without service sacrifices.

Our dedicated single-tenant solutions offer greater value in securing data and digital assets.  When coupled with included engineering services, value is increased while driving down costs.


The Right Technology

Leverage the team at Wingu Technology to back-fill and augment technology and staffing needs.

Wingu Technology is simplifying technology by assuming the responsibility of securing and managing your IT infrastructure. We have pooled together our engineers’ shared experiences to free yours.

Maintaining technology staff, staying up to speed with today’s technologies, and planning future deployments can be offloaded to our team for professional and quality execution.

Challenges of maintaining data availability to your customers and employees does not rest at the data-center level. Be prepared to defend against weather related and other unforseen events.

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