Teach With Confidence

Increase parent and student interaction with safety using a computer system comprised of internal cloud resources that keep student records private, safe, and assessible. Imagine the possibilities of increased learning capabilities and features to run a complete school system on its own resources. From small private schools to entire counties, take control of your students' futures.

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Safe Guard Files

Compliance is a priority for the financial industry. Keeping pace with change and exercising vigilance is mandatory to help ensure compliance. The policies and technology used to firm up compliance is paramount. Retain customer confidence by safe-guarding client data.


Core Competencies

Our team has over 21 years of experience supporting, designing and implementing centralized computer systems and data centers. As a unrestricted Small Business, Wingu Technology is committed to the excellence and the creation of innovative, secure and flexible solutions for our Government clients. What sets Wingu Technology apart from the competition is our focus on efficiency, futurism, and technological innovation using readily available resources.

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Protect Health Records

Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Healthcare IT by depending on a system deployed by Wingu Technology. Regulations can make managing healthcare organizations very costly. Consider switching non-regulated applications to an internal cloud system provided by Wingu Technology. Once your comfort increases, consider the migration of regulated applications next for a total reduction in cost overheads. Make sure your sensitive healthcare, ePHI, and EPR data remains private and consistent.

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Protect Processes


Helping Others

Doing a lot with a little is the definitive way many non-profits operate. Working with a thin budget, limited resources, and limited manpower to achieve goals is often an act love. But like many for profit counter parts, there are specifics about running any organization that require a solid computing platform. Costs can deter many organizations. Wingu Technology has bridged the gap between affordability and quality information technology systems.

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Real Estate

Sell Confidently

Realtors should focus on compliance rules that govern data security, privacy policies and disclosure. Some realtors may face greater scrutiny at the state level than federal. Wingu Technology helps you get on your way to compliance by establishing a secure systems infrastructure. Data protection laws require realtors to protect Nonpublic Personal Information (NPI) with encryption and other measures. Because NPI is so broad, organizations really need to protect everything at varying levels.

Small Business

1 - 50 Employees

Panic sets in for some small business owners when thinking about technology and how to pay for it. Budget constraints puts small businesses at risk due to the inaccessibility of business technology to protect their assets. Wingu Technology has solutions sized for startups and small businesses alike. No business should operate without the power of technology.

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Midsize Business

51 - 250 Employees

Similar to small businesses, midsize businesses operate with budget constraints that typically hinder IT resource acquistion. The needs of a midsize business greatly differs from the needs of an enterprise business. Wingu Technology bridges the gap with highly capable and affordable solutions that are on par with larger company technology solutions.

Large Business

251 - 1000 Employees

The costs and complexities of sustaining up-to-date, functional and secure IT infrastructures are surmounting. Consider an alternative to mainstream cloud and IT services by letting Wingu Technology augment or replace data center and support functions to control costs and balance the spreadsheets. Our highly capable solutions delivers on-premise cloud and virtualization to drive consolidation and data control.

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